Bitcoin Loophole Review

Bitcoin Loophole

  • Up to $5k Profit pm
  • Start Investing Just $25
  • No Experience Required


Broker Bitcoin Loophole
Website URL
Support Types Email , Chat , Phone
Minimum 1st Deposit $100
Minimum Trade Amount $25
Bonus Start Investing
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Trading Currency Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Ripple , EUR , GBP , USD
US Traders Allowed
Overall Score 69

What is Bitcoin Loophole Trading Robot?

Bitcoin has the most market capitalisation and trading volume among all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s 1,900% surge in the price, at one point, attracted the attention of many professional and individual traders. Since then, many investors were able to generate substantial profits by investing in cryptocurrencies online and Bitcoin Loophole is one of such platforms. Bitcoin Loophole is an automated trading system, or trading robot, that allows investing in cryptocurrencies on autopilot using computer-generated signals.    Bitcoin Loophole is also offering ultra-fast orders execution, high reliability and efficiency together with enormous accuracy not available to human traders.  Bitcoin Loophole trading robot is very easy to use and most popular among beginner investors. Many of them report that they are able to generate a passive income of around $4,000-5,000 per month from investing in cryptocurrencies with trading robots such as Bitcoin Loophole. So can you make money with trading robots such as Bitcoin Loophole? Are their trading algorithms reliable? We have completed this Bitcoin Loophole review to answer these questions and provide an in-depth analysis of this cryptocurrency investment platform.

Does BitCoin Secret Loophole Software Have a Decent Win Rate?

The bitcoin secret loophole software is another dimension on its own as this software is able to keep records of important information which administrators who are hackers make use of to BitCoin Secret Loophole scam traders even outside the bitcoin system. Most people now come up with any software which in reality is supposed to help check and avoid scammers. But in reality, most of them are all scammers anyways.

If you’ve been in the BitCoin Secret Loophole bitcoin trading system for a while now, you’re probably conversant with the bitcoin scam known as the bitcoin loophole. But after there’s been a lot of complaints and negative BitCoin Secret Loophole reviews, it has been realized that the bitcoin secret loophole system is being created by the same set of scammers and the name of the service has only been changed for non-identification purposes.

Another way you could really know the bitcoin secret loophole platform is a genuine scam is that there is no legal licensing for its operations. Unlike the cryptocurrency bitcoin trade which is legal, the bitcoin secret loophole trading system is not listed amongst crypto traders and is without the right licensing to perform operations neither does it implement the regulations of crypto trading. With these, it can be said that with the Bitcoin Secret Loophole scam app and software, there’s illegal trading involved.

BitCoin Secret Loophole Website and Its Owner is a Big a Lie

The alleged C.E.O of the BitCoin Secret Loophole scam system, Steve McKay does not exist, the name is an identity created to further make people fall for the scam and with the research done on him, he is a just an actor. With all of this, it could be possibly said that no trading may even take place at all. So the bitcoin loophole system just allows you to basically fund its wallet and renders no services at all.

You might be fooled by the testimony and BitCoin Secret Loophole reviews on the BitCoin Secret Loophole website, but they are all fake. All these testimonies were created by the developers of the site to fool the public. An actor that was hired by the bitcoin secret loophole software developers to comment and make people believe the system is real, was not paid properly and went on a website to rant and expose them.

No profit can ever come from using the bitcoin secret loophole crypto trading system. If you surf the internet, there’s been a lot of BitCoin Secret Loophole reviews on them and there have also been reviews on the bitcoin secret loophole app and most of them conclude that it’s a scam. Funny enough, people want quick profit which would make them do anything and risk it all, which involves using the bitcoin secret loophole scam platform.

How Does It Work?

Steve McKay, a software developer turned investor developed this tool. The tool aims to help everyone to be able to try their hands at crypto trading. He was inspired to create the tool when he was asked to create a software that could be used to trade in cryptocurrencies without actually purchasing them.

If you have done CFD trading (Contract For Difference) you would know the basic concept. CFD trading is about making profits from the market movements. You make profits without taking up ownership of the assets.

It is a well-known fact that when you start early in a market which is likely to grow then you would be able to make big profits. The growth might be slow but in the long term perspective, such markets are profitable.

This applies to the cryptocurrency market as well. The Bitcoin Loophole was designed to help you tap into the resources offered in crypto trading without waiting to learn about trading.

Therefore you can start earning right away and learn while you trade as well. Such trading bots are mainly popular among those who are looking for strategies to attain financial independence.

Here are the steps involved in making profits and earning a secondary income with crypto trading:

  • To begin with, you would have to create an account for yourself which is absolutely free. Provide your contact details and create an account and proceed to activate it. You would not be making any deposit yet.
  • Once your account is created and activated you would be connected with a broker. The moment you make a deposit you get to start trading. This software requires you to make an initial investment of $250. This amount is added directly to your trading account and this would be used to begin your cryptocurrency investment portfolio.
  • Turn on the Auto Trading function if you would like to allow the software to act in the autopilot mode. This is the mode where your contribution in terms of efforts, would be nothing. You would have to invest funds and then sit back and watch the trading orders that happen.
  • For the experienced investors who like to retain control the software also allows you to trigger the auto trading mode off. Here you would be able to carry out open trading by the conventional method. You can use your own strategies to make trading decisions.

The system is designed in a way that allows the software to take care of the process of technical analysis of crypto trading. The tedious computation involved in the process is automated. Trading bots like Bitcoin Loophole are mainly used by those people who like to earn profits from trading but do not have enough time to carry out technical analysis.

Make Use Of The Demo Trading Facility

Demo trading account is one where you can get a first-hand experience of trading with the bot without putting real money at stake. There would be $1500 placed in your account. You can try your strategies and place orders with this one to see how you are doing.

You can also make use of this demo trading feature to explore the various features of the software. You get to experience the interface and know whether the software would really work for you. This would prepare you for the market and give you the confidence to start trading with real money.


  • Robust Trading Performance
  • Low Minimum Investment
  • EU-based Broker


  • Limited Investment Universe
  • No Mobile App

How Much Does Bitcoin Loophole Cost?

The beta testing phase of this software is offered for free. This means that you would be able to create an account and start trading without any additional fees. There are no hidden charges to worry about.

Why Should You Use Trading Bots Like Bitcoin Loophole?

Trading bots like Bitcoin Loophole are mainly useful to allow you trade without knowledge or experience in trading. This gives you a jumpstart in your trading career. It can also motivate you to learn the methods involved and become a better trader. You would then be able to make use of the manual trading mode that Bitcoin Loophole offers.

Who Can Benefit From Bitcoin Loophole?

It is a software that can be used by anyone with any amount of experience in trading. Even the professional traders would find the automation feature to be useful to help save time. For absolute beginners, the clean interface makes cryptocurrency trading easy.

Our Conclusion

Our unbiased and honest Bitcoin Loophole review provides comprehensive information on what it’s like to trade with this software. It also includes our opinion and the reasons why we strongly recommend this app.

Overall, Bitcoin Loophole guarantees a rewarding trading experience. Packed with a range of useful features, it stands out from the crowd and offers a viable solution for making successful investments online.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Loophole is Not a Scam