Bitcoin Code Review

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. Of course, the cryptocurrency that today reaches $7451 and probably when you read this article a few months later this figure will have been completely outdated. The rate at which the value of Bitcoin grows is in line with the amount of news and interest it is generating worldwide.

Although its not too complicated but due to lack of trust and knowledge, there are still many questions in the online forums posted by people who are not sure about cryptocurrency trading platforms. Most of the times i also get emails from the people about the cryptocurrency trading platforms therefore we decided to write a bitcoin trader software review.

What Bitcoin Code Website Promise Is Impossible!

There isn’t much point in getting to bogged down when trying to explain the crazy logic behind Bitcoin Code scam. Despite numerous attempts to contact them concerning how they claim to work with cryptocurrencies we never received a reply. Our questions were targetted upon how they suggest they make many thousands a day on the cryptos, yet somehow appear to seamlessly transition this to forex and standard currency exchanges. As I stated already in this Bitcoin Code review, The fees alone for such currency conversion alone makes it absurd that they claim to be handling and paying out millions of dollars a day to their members.

If we were to go back in time to late 2017 when BTC and others were enjoying a bull rush in value, then maybe/just this could be credible. Yet now (at time of writing) BTC has almost halved in value during early 2018, and this begs one simple question. How can they still oblige clients with that $500+/day when their tradeable assets are split in half? Obviously, they cannot, and this makes us wonder if Bitcoin Code scam could be a Ponzi or more likely Bitcoin Code software is just an imaginative reworking of old scam material.

Bitcoin Code Cryptocurrency Trading App- Does it Really Work?

After much investigation into the credentials (much more proof to follow) my Bitcoin Code review came to the conclusion that this isn’t a Ponzi. Despite the vast efforts they make in trying to appear legit and above board, there simply isn’t any proof that anyone has made money using their dodgy software. Setting up a proper Ponzi requires considerable effort – mostly through marketing and occasional payouts to those who recruit the newest victims.

Bitcoin Code app is simply too fresh for that to be the case. There is no way that so far they will have managed to gain enough exposure via social media to garner that level of following. Instead, we’re inclined to think that this is nothing more than an ‘old school’ binary trading scam dressed up to appeal to those who fret about missing out on the cryptocurrency rush. Ponzi would be far too much effort for these crooks.

The Bitcoin Code Ltd – Is It A Scam?

Those results look good. Too good if you ask me. Let’s look closer… hmm. Notice anything? Don’t you? Well, look closer damn it! There, the strike price is giving a losing trade in one place but the strike price is also giving a winning trade on another trade! Oh photoshop, you are good but you can’t help greedy scammers from making editing errors.

Either both should show 0.000 or both should show a winning amount. Why? Cause in both cases, the entry, and the expiry were the same! #PhotoshopMistakes.

Anyone who has ever traded knows that a broker either will count a strike as a win a loss or a tie. Well, most brokers count it as a tie and give your investment back. Some count is a loss. But you can’t have it BOTH WAYS. Hence the editing mistake in that fake image above! Busted. Before I forget, here is another big warning sign: their terms and conditions, support and policy links/tabs are not working. They are also fake!

But there is more! Don’t let me make my case with just one error… NO, let me show you MORE!

Hahaha! Rachel Smallay is one of their members? Who could have guessed… oh sorry, I got carried away. The first female on the left, Caroline Essen is actually Rachel. She is a New Zealand television reporter! And she comes with her own funny story of calling people fat with the microphone on. LOL! At least she is not a scam artist.
So they took her picture off of Google and added her involuntarily as a member of their scam service. I bet she would love to report this story on her channel. You know, just to shift focus from her own bad mouthing. Haha, maybe I should email her this! “The Okane and Rachel Scoop” – likely we will win a Pulitzer Prize? Or is it just for the US journalists =(?

Moving on, how about that gentleman to the right, with the glasses, Charles Millington? Turns out he is Michael Dines and a realtor. Sigh, so much nonsense here! Hold on, I need to make a phone call…

*bleep bleep bleep… phone is dialing*

Sarah: Hello this is Sarah at the Bullshit Store how may I help you Today?
Okane: Hey dear, I would like to know if you have a shipment of bullshit stories to send me?
Sarah: Oh, I am sorry sir. We are freshly out of stock here at the Bullshit store! We just shipped all of our bullshit to the Bitcoin Code.
Okane: I suspected that was the case!
Sarah: I can, however, promise that we will have fresh bullshit stories every week for new binary options robot scams – so tune in on Monday!
Okane: Wonderful, will it involve a Genius, a secret code, limited spots, and easy money?
Sarah: Hahah, oh yes why of course sir! And fake testimonials and images too, don’t forget about the fake images!

I would continue pointing out more fake stuff on this Bitcoin Code scam site but honestly, I just ate and my stomach is starting to cramp from all this bullshit. My doctor recommends only a tiny dosage of bullshit per day and it is getting exceeded here by far.

Alright alright, I do a couple more! Ready?

Is the New Crypto Robot a Scam or Not?

Based on everything we learned about this software, we can be 100% confidant that it is not a scam but legit income-amplifying choice. All existing specialists’ reviews state that the robot is powerful enough as many of our colleagues even consider it the best crypto trading robot on the market. In addition to this good news, we gathered some feedback from the Internet space which also confirms that all the current members of the system manage to significantly increase their knowledge and improve their trading skills.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Code is Not a Scam
As we have shared all this information with our readers we believe that there is no more doubt regarding the authenticity of the software. Opt for it as it is absolutely safe and reliable. And now, the access to it is free but soon this will change so we advise you to be smart and quick in order to grab this opportunity.


The unpleasant truth is that nowadays the online market is full of scam and bogus trading platforms. Most of them fail to offer something else than losses to their users therefore we are really glad that this crypto robot system review is going to end with a positive conclusion. Our team of professionals is 100% confident in the legitimacy of Bitcoin Code robot, so we would like to advise you to seriously consider joining it. This will be one of your smartest financial decisions.